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December 5, 2023

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Stephanie Laur

Embracing the Holiday Spirit with a Touch of Local Love

The holidays are just around the corner, and oh, how my heart sings with excitement! It’s the perfect time for planning those heartwarming parties—and guess what? I’ve got a delightful twist for your preparations. Instead of heading straight to the big-box stores, why not sprinkle your holiday planning with a dash of local charm? Imagine the joy of supporting our community’s small businesses and wedding professionals – it’s like adding an extra layer of love to your celebrations, infused with holiday spirit. Let’s dive into how you can create a holiday bash that’s not only fabulous but also supports the heart of our community!

Magical Tablescapes by Local Talents

That’s where Union Event Co steps in with our very own Tabletop Collection. We’ve poured our hearts and holiday spirit into creating settings that are the epitome of a holiday fairytale. Picture eye-catching centerpieces, linens that make your heart flutter, and place settings that are a true artistic expression. Our Tabletop Collection is a labor of love, designed to bring a unique and festive elegance to your celebrations. Dive into our collection on our website, and let yourself be whisked away into a world of festive wonder.

Local Catering Wonders

What’s a holiday party without some tantalizing treats? This year, let’s give a nod to our local wedding caterers. They’re the culinary artists who use locally-sourced ingredients to whip up dishes that are a celebration in themselves, echoing the holiday spirit in every bite. I’m absolutely enamored with Boda’s Kitchen – their menu is a festive journey of flavors that will leave your guests delighted and satisfied. Trust me, their creations are a must-try!

Unique Rentals from Local Experts

Need to find the perfect party essentials like tables, chairs, and decor? Skip the usual rental routines and turn to a local wedding expert. Riverhood Rentals is my personal favorite when it comes to rentals – their selection is both chic and unique, setting the stage for a memorable evening. Dive into their website to discover their gorgeous array of options, all imbued with a sense of holiday spirit.

Floral Artistry for Your Festive Decor

Flowers are the silent stars of any party decor, and for the holidays, only the best will do. This is where our local floral designers come in. Trellis Florals, for instance, crafts floral arrangements that are a beautiful blend of holiday cheer and sophisticated style. From welcoming wreaths to show-stopping centerpieces, their creations are a visual delight. Be sure to visit their website for some floral magic!

As We Step Into This Holiday Spirit

Let’s make a heartfelt commitment to support the wonderful small businesses and wedding professionals in our neighborhood. Their incredible talent and dedication add something truly special to our celebrations. From stunning table settings and delectable catering to unique rentals and exquisite floral arrangements, there are countless ways to infuse your holiday party with local flair. Here’s to a season of joy, community support, and unforgettable celebrations!

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